Kaushik Das: An atheist in persuit of God

Kaushik Das, was born on 20th May 1976 in Kolkata. He is the second and youngest child of Mr P K Das and Mrs Gayatri Das and brother to Partha Das. For the first few years, he grew up in Dinjan, upper Assam. He loved the place, particularly because of two big gardens in the backyard. Well, gardens dont help much until there are incentives. He had lots of them. Peas and tomatoes were the easiest of preys. Additionally, there were 3 big rooms and a verandah to be his playground. Whenever there was demand for more food, mother's kitchen was handy and mother would be more than happy to let him his favourite "maach-bhaja" (fried fish) or "aam" (mangoes). So much for his love of mangoes that one day a bone china bowl of mango slipped out of his hands, fell and broke into pieces. The love of the taste could not be resisted and he tried licking a piece, slashing a part of chin. The scar still remains on the left jaw. There were very few other children of his age in the locality other than his elder brother. They were good pals. Occasionally when they were not the best of friends, mother had an excuse - she is busy, therefore Kaushik should be left at the nurse's home at the end of the block. Within minutes, compliance would be the order of the day.
In 1981, at the age of 4 years and 10 months, he joined school at Central School, Dinjan. Soon afterwards, his father was transferred to Calcutta, and Kaushik joined Central School at Fort William where he did rest of his schooling. He was fairly an average student. However, he was bad in memorising and could not blindly read from book to mug up for examinations. In 1991, upon completion of Secondary examinations, he got the option to study Insurance. He refused, and went on to study sciences. He completed his schooling in 1993, securing average grades.
He joined St Xaviers College, Calcutta first as pass course student, and later as Mathematics Honours Student. His father didnt like the idea. Kaushik was already 6 months late to join the course. Disaster stuck soon, as his results in Graduation was far below expections. Soon enough, he lost faith in God, and became straunch atheist. However, unlike many others, he never disallowed others to freedom to practice their faith .He recovered soon, and between October 1995 and May 1996, he appeared for 7 post graduate programmes, clearing the preliminary selection of them all. Finally he joined Master of Computer Applications course at 140 year old prestigous Bengal Enginnering College (now Bengal Engineering and Sciences University). The college was an ideal ground for higher education. Labs were at disposal almost round the clock, and professors were supportive like elder brothers and sisters.
In 1999, he joined Tata Consultancy Services as Assistent Systems Engineer at Trivandrum. After 2 months of training, he got a transfer to Delhi. Work life was fair enough to start off. However, within a short time, he got frustrated by the differential approaches that were effected. Feeling like being stuck up in the tweezer grip of prejudice, he tried to break shackles. Breaking them did he, as he left TCS and Delhi in 2001.
In summer of 2001, he joined Siemens Business Services as IT Consultant. Since then, he is working in Munich, exercising the things he likes the most, travelling and photography. He misses his home back in Kolkata a lot, but at the same time, makes most of the time studying. Bayern is known for beer, and being a teetotaller leaves a lot of room for others to ask questions. Once a colleague of his told, "you know, you are in the best part of the world, where a glass of beer costs less than a glass of water".
He loves reading Bhagwad Gita, and says that in the time of loneliness, only book is your best friend. It talks to you at your own pace. He advocates - "the violence that you see in the face of earth today, is because too many youth are misguided. If everybody is educated (not only literate) and is working, then the violence in the world will be a thing of the past". Never try to destroy anythin on pretext of building afresh. As Swami Vivekanda once said - "...you feel that London is the most beautiful city in the world? Do you know how many cities you have destroyed to built this one city?". Perfect balance of all the three fronts, the Professional, the Social and the Personal life should be motto of life. As celluloid maestro Satyajit Ray depicted - "...give them food, and they will forget the war...". Lets help everybody to get square meals a day.