A brief introduction

Prafulla Kumar Das

Mr Prafulla Kumar Das was born in a small village in rural Bengal in 1939 (though its believed that he was born in summer of 1940). He was the youngest child of a joint family. A brilliant student, he completed his intermediate in 1959, fairing exceptionally well, and getting a rank at district level, even after losing his father only a month prior to the examinations.
The loss of his father Mr Durga Das Sadhukhan, on 23rd January 1959, brought untold miseries to him. He had to work in a grocery shop to make ends meet. Like all good students of mathematics, he wanted to study Engineering for graduation, but alas, he ran short of 6 rupees to fill up the application form. Left with no other choice, he joined Amta College for Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics. Upon completion of his graduation in 1961, he joined a school as a teacher. Learning is a never-ending process, and he did his Masters in Mathematics from Ballygaunge Science College of Calcutta University (1967) and second graduation in Education and Teaching Methodologies from Sir David Hare College (1971) parallel to his job. During his Masters at Ballygaunge Science College, he was influenced by the sincerity of Father Goureax and Dr B C Chatterjee. On 1st March 1974, he got married to Ms Gayatri Chowdhuri. His two children, Partha Das, and Kaushik Das were born on 14th Feb 1975 and 20th May 1976 respectively. Between 1974 to 1981, he was in Assam, and in 1981 he came back to Kolkata, and till 1999, he served with Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) first as Teacher, and finally as Vice-Principal at Salt Lake, Calcutta.
He lost his mother Mrs Sadhukhan on 11th December 1986.
In 1996, he joined Central School, Salt Lake, Kolkata as Vice Principal. On 31st July 1999, he retired completing 38 years of work life. Now he is located in kolkata, spending time at house and gardening, and travelling once in a while to his native village, helping children and people in need.
His contact address is
7E M G Road,
Kolkata 700063
Phone +91 33 2467 0780
+ 91 33 2453 7384
+ 91 94331 45042
Prafulla Kumar Das

Gayatri Das

Ms Gayatri Chowdhuri was born in a town in rural Bengal in 1944. She was the younger of two daughters and second of 5 siblings. Her father, Dr R P Chowdhuri, was a renowned doctor.
Having grown up in Mollarpur, Birbhum, she was predominatly influnced by the simple lifestyle of the village folks.

Partha Das

Patha Das was born on 14th February 1975 in Assam, India. He did his Bachelors of Sciences in Chemistry from St. Xaviers College under Calcutta University. He did his Master of Sciences from Jadavpur University. After qualifying NET-CSIR scholarship, he joined Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences made famous by Nobel Laurate CV Raman's research work. In 2001, he went on to join service as Lecturer at Vishwa Bharati University instituted by Rabindranath Tagore. In 2002, he left service to do M Tech from Jadavpur University. He is now working with Siemens Information Systems Limited at Bombay.
His contact details are
Phone +91 94492 40494
Partha Das

Kaushik Das

Kaushik Das was born on 20th May 1976 in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) at Matri Sadan (a hospital under Shree Sarada Ma Ashram). As a child he was very curious, so much so, that no toys used to be in one piece for more than 2 weeks. He joined school at Central School, Dinjan, Assam. He was an average student throughout his school career. In 1993, upon completion of his schooling, he joined BSc in Mathematics at St. Xaviers College under Calcutta University. His father Mr P K Das strongly objected to his decision to do so. "Failures are pillars to success". Between Oct 1995 and May 1996, he appeared in 7 competetive examinations, and cleared the written tests of all. He still regrets the failed interview at Indian Statistical Institute after clearing the written examinations. Finally he joined Bengal Engineering College, Deemed University (now Bengal Engineering and Sciences University) for his Masters in Computer Application. He completed the Masters in 1999, and joined Tata Consultancy Services as Assistent Systems Engineer. Two years and a couple of trips to Netherlands later, he found the job quite frustrating, seemingly in the tweezer grip of prejudice of higher ups. In 2001, he left TCS to join Siemens Business Services in Munich, Germany. Travelling and Photography were his main hobbies, and Europe was seemingly the best place to help persue his hobby to the fullest extent. Some of the photographs can be found at Yahoo! Photos section Kaushik can be reached at
1663 Easton Ct,
IL 60090
Phones +1 847 541 2926
+1 847 541 2926(Residence)
Kaushik Das